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Have you heard of photogrammetry and wish to know more? Perhaps you are wondering how it works or need a photogrammetry service? Read on, as we cover some of the basics, including its benefits and why you should choose us if you are looking for support.



Photogrammetry is a data-gathering technique that derives information about an object from photographs. The process involves taking photographs of an object from multiple angles (lines of sight) to create a 3D picture of the object’s points of interest. Photogrammetry can be used for gathering data on everything from tiny objects to entire landscapes. Once collected and measured, data can be interpreted to develop outputs such as drawings, maps and 3D models, which can offer fascinating insights and a stunning level of detail.

If you’d like more information about how photogrammetry works, please read our article on 3D models.





One of photogrammetry’s key benefits is the speed and ease at which data can be gathered, reviewed and developed into useful tools, especially when compared with traditional methods. For instance, when surveying land surfaces, both topographical and cultural features can be captured, allowing for increased efficiency when studying mapped areas. Moreover, captured data is permanent, meaning resources may be saved if site details need to be reassessed.




Need a data-gathering eye in the sky? Photogrammetry, when coupled with aerial photography, offers the opportunity to map an area, such as an archaeological site, with a high level of accuracy and a fast turnaround. It also makes the job of recording challenging terrains from an aerial perspective much more accessible.
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Photogrammetry has made the detailed exploration and documentation of underwater landscapes and archaeological featured more accessible than ever before. What was once a largely misunderstood and underappreciated part of our cultural heritage, can now be explored with far greater ease. Our awareness of everything underwater cultural heritage has to offer has grown considerably in last few years, thanks in part to the benefits of photogrammetry – but there is always more to discover.



Do you want to bring your offering to life and engage your audience with a range of engaging assets? Photogrammetry could be the answer. Now, more than ever, being able to digitally showcase assets in a format that today’s audiences want to engage with, can have significant benefits.




Photogrammetric techniques are renowned for their accurate recording and ability to unearth detail. This means they are highly reliable for precise mapping and other outputs that require accuracy. Recorded data offers a snapshot of an object at the time that it was photographed, meaning future generations can appreciate artefacts, buildings, landscapes and more with the same level of accuracy that we can today.



When artefacts require a high level of conservation or protection, photogrammetry offers a way of researching them without compromising their safety. In particular, 3D models offer a brilliant way of exploring artefacts in great detail, without needing to disturb the items themselves. Moreover, 3D models of artefacts can be explored simultaneously by different individuals without location or distance being a hindrance. If you’d like to see some examples, you’re welcome to explore some of our 3D models here.




Photogrammetry offers excellent tools for research and education and can bring studying and teaching to life in new and exciting ways. Our Forgotten Wrecks project includes some great examples – check out our Forgotten Wrecks Database and filter by 3D models to experience them in action.



We have over six years’ experience in delivering successful photogrammetry projects, combining our cutting-edge technology with the highest standards to deliver an exciting range of terrestrial and offshore projects with outstanding results. Our team includes specialists in photography, archaeology, surveying, and software and data management, and we are always keen to offer our services, no matter the challenge.
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