Learning in your space

Learning in your space

Bringing Heritage to You

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to get hands-on with heritage, but we appreciate that it isn’t always very easy to get to!  From classrooms and playgrounds to community centres and village halls, our outreach sessions are mobile and highly flexible in order to bring heritage into your space. We offer facilitated sessions, where we come to you, and have kit boxes for sale and a selection of free resources for you to lead your own sessions.

Facilitated Sessions

Led by our experienced outreach team, our facilitated sessions take a cross-curricular and hands-on approach to learning. We work with all ages, in schools, Girl Guides, Scouts, and other groups, home-education groups, and other organisations.

An example session for a class of approximately 30 students may involve:

  • An exciting introductory talk on maritime archaeology, introducing students to the basic concepts.
  • Splitting the class in two: one half visits the Discovery Bus to explore handling artefacts and other activities, while the other half remains in the classroom to try on the dive kit and learn more about working underwater.
  • Groups swap round to experience all activities.
  • Q&A session

As well as general sessions on maritime archaeology, we can offer more subject-focused sessions including, for example, prehistory, WW1 & WW2, STEM-focuses, or your local history.

Sessions can be tailored to suit your space, time allowance, group size, ability level, and specialist interest. Prices are based on your requirements, so please get in touch for more information.

Kit Boxes

Our activity boxes are designed to be led by one of your educators in your own setting. Each box comes with information on the subject, suggested activities, the resources for those activities, sample copies of our children’s activity book, and a timeline poster.

Shipwreck Habitats

When they come to lie on the seabed, shipwrecks can become artificial reefs, and provide a home and food source to many different kinds of marine animal. This kit includes examples of marine animals – some real, some replica – that make their homes on wrecks in UK waters.

This kit can be used with all ages and is designed to be used with a facilitator.

Please note that this box does not come with suggested activities, but does include an information guide on shipwrecks as underwater habitats and the marine species shown in this box.

Cost: £400 +pp

The Life of a Shipwreck

This kit explores the life of a shipwreck, from sinking to being discovered by archaeologists. Students will gain a basic understanding of parts of a ship and how seagoing vessels have changed over time, and also be able to explore how underwater environments can be great for the preservation of artefacts, often allowing for artefacts to survive that wouldn’t on land. They will then gain a brief introduction to how archaeologists record shipwrecks.

This kit is aimed at KS 1 & 2, with activities designed to be led by a facilitator.

Cost: £350 +pp

Submerged Prehistory

This kit explores what submerged prehistory can tell us about the past. Students will gain an understanding of just how far back in time prehistory is, and how stratigraphy can help us explore this time depth. By the end of the session, students will know that sea level change has been happening for all of history, and it is by this mechanism that landscapes and archaeology can end up underwater. They will also be able to explore the kinds of archaeology that can be found from prehistory in these contexts.

This kit is aimed at KS 1 & 2, with activities designed to be led by a facilitator. Please note, this kit contains consumables (plasticine) that will get used up over repeated uses.

Cost: £300 +pp

Free Resources

Hollybrook War Memorial Teacher's Pack
D-Day: Stories from the Walls Education Pack
Maritime Archaeology Activity Booklet
Educator's Guide
Mystery Wreck Pack
Maritime Timeline Poster
Auroch Puzzle
Artefact Record Sheet
It's all about context!
Make your own coracle
Learn about SCUBA diving kit
Flag codes
Flint ID
Archaeology is Rubbish!
WW1 Dazzle Camouflage
WW1 Maritime Medals

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