Marine Archaeology: A handbook

by MAT
Time Period: Multi-period
Audience: Adults
Theme: Maritime Archaeologists at Work

Marine Archaeology: A Handbook

The MAT was commissioned by English Heritage to produce a Marine Handbook, which is edited by Dr Vir Dellino-Musgrave and published by the Council for British Archaeology (CBA).

The CBA Marine Handbook enables popular access to information regarding the marine historic environment. Such information is often found solely in academic books or journals which are not necessarily accessible to all sectors. Therefore, it is envisaged that the Marine Handbook will reach a wider audience, including interested amateurs and non-marine archaeologists, increasing public awareness regarding the marine historic environment.

The Marine Handbook also compliments other popular handbooks which are either in preparation or have been published. This includes Underwater Archaeology: The Nautical Archaeology Society Guide to Principles and Practice.

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