Garry Momber BA MSc MIfA


Emanating from seafaring stock, Garry embarked on his marine related career following a MSc in Maritime Archaeology at Bangor University. Having served almost two years working offshore as a Seismic Navigator he returned to his chosen profession working for the Nautical Archaeological Society and the Trust, and as a visiting lecturer for the Universities of Southampton and Bristol. He joined the Maritime Archaeology Trust as the full time Archaeological Officer in 1997 in which time he helped to instigate a pioneering agenda of fieldwork and research. In January 2002 he was promoted to the Trust Director.

Julie Satchell BA MA MIfA, FSA

Head of Research

Julie has been with the MAT since 1999, she is the Head of Research and is responsible for the development, management and delivery of the Trusts wide ranging maritime archaeological research, investigation, analysis and publication programmes. She has experience across the discipline including shipwrecks, submerged prehistoric landscapes, maritime archives, EIAs, legislation and policy, archaoelogical best practice, heritage consultancy and quality assurance.

Prior to joining the Trust Julie gained a BA in Archaeology, and MA in Maritime Archaeology from the University of Southampton. She worked in terrestiral contract archaeology and as a Tutor for the Nautical Archaeology Society.

Maritime Archaeology Trust

Jan Gillespie BSc

Project Officer

While completing her degree in Oceanography, Jan was a regular volunteer on Maritime Archaeology Trust projects. She is the Project Officer for the Bouldnor Cliff Project, overseeing fieldwork, sampling and analysis. Jan has extensive diving experience and has taken over responsibility for maintaining the Trust's dive equipment.

Jasmine Noble-Shelley BSc MSc

Project Officer

Jasmine has a BSc in Archaeology and a MSc in Archaeological Computing: Virtual Pasts from the University of Southampton. After volunteering with the Trust for several years, Jasmine joined the Trust through the Heritage Lottery Funded 'Hampshire Heritage Skills' placement scheme in 2012 before working on the Forgotten Wrecks Project. She now leads the MAT's education and outreach team.

Helen Wallbridge BA

Project Officer

Helen joined the Maritime Archaeology Trust as a Project Officer for the Forgotten Wrecks Project in 2014. She volunteered with the Maritime Archaeology Trust and the New Forest National Park Authority whilst taking a career break with her children. Helen graduated with a BSc (Hon’s) in Archaeology from the University of Leicester. She is the MAT's volunteer manager.

Jacqueline Arnold BA MA

Project Officer

Whilst studying for an MA in Maritime Archaeology at the University of Southampton, Jacqui volunteered in the Sunken Secrets Exhibition on the Isle of Wight, and joined the Trust in 2017 as a Project Officer for the Forgotten Wrecks Project. Jacqui has a keen interest in artefact display and combines her outreach work with time spent supporting volunteers at the Shipwreck Centre and Maritime Museum on the Isle of Wight. 


Maritime Archaeology Ltd


Brandon Mason
Brandon Mason BA MA

Maritime Archaeologist

Brandon is responsible for the development of MA Ltd business opportunities and manages and delivers  projects for offshore industry and research, including desk-based research, geophysical survey interpretation, WSI and stakeholder liasion and reporting. These skills underpin his particular interests in 3D visualisaton of UCH, spatial database development and WebGIS, which stem from his work on the HLF Archiving Invincible (1758) project, the Interreg Iva Atlas of the 2 Seas, the Interreg IVa ArchManche and the Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War projects. Additionally Brandon has a keen research interest in the development of early to late medieval ships and boats. Brandon has been with the Trust since 2007, and is a supervisor of the organisation's HSE archaeological dive team.

Christin Heamagi
Christin Heamagi BA MA

Maritime Archaeologist

Christin has a BA from the University of Stockholm 2006. She graduated from the MA Maritime Archaeology degree at the University of Southampton in 2008. She has previously gained experience at the National Maritime Museums, Sweden, as well as several terrestrial and underwater sites across Europe. Christin is a member of the organisation's HSE archaeological dive team.

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