John Mitchell Interactive

John Mitchell Interactive

Creating 3D interactive models is a great way to make our underwater heritage available to everyone, not just for divers! The original HMD John Mitchell 3D model has now been upgraded to create an immersive interactive model to explore the wreck and the surrounding seabed. The model features give the viewer a realistic experience to what it would be like to dive on this wreck. Well the closest experience one can have without getting wet!

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About the Wreck

The HMD John Mitchell was an 85 foot (25 m) long steam drifter that sunk on the 14th November 1917 after colliding with SS Bjerka. Fortunately there was no loss of life when the wreck disappeared into the sea, aqpproximately 15 miles from Swanage. The wreck of the John Mitchell was rediscovered by Dave Wendes, a local dive boat skipper and historian, after he was alerted by a local fisherman who caught his nets on the wreck. Today she lies at a depth of 40 m – inaccessible to most.  With the generous funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Maritime Archaeology Trust has been able to research the wreck through our ongoing project, the Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War. Volunteer divers have collected information, video and images from the site, and artefacts recovered from the wreck have also been recorded. This information will be freely available in an online database, which will be live when the Forgotten Wrecks Project is completed in Spring 2018.

You can now download your own full version copy for your computer by clicking the download link below. Please note that this version is not VR compatible and currently only available for PC.  If you would like to try the Virtual Reality version, please contact us on

Control Details

Please see demo video below or download a PDF version here.