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Diving Resources

Diving Resources

If you dive wrecks and other underwater heritage sites, or have dived them in the past, please consider sharing what you know with the project so we can make the information publicly available. Divers and dive clubs are contributing to the work of the MAT in many ways, if you would like to join them, you can find out more about how your data will be used here:

1. How you can help

Below are information sheets and forms that have been created for the use of divers and dive clubs. The Maritime Archaeology Trust would like to thank individuals and organisations who have allowed us to adapt and incorporate previous relevant materials (acknowledged within the PDFs).

Whole pack (.zip file)  
2. Dive Principles
3. Data & Copyright Form  
4.1 Shipwreck Features  
4.1.1 Basic Wreck Record Form  
4.2 Submarine Features  
4.2.1 Submarine Recording Form  
4.3 Underwater Photography  
4.3.1 Photo Log Template  
4.4 Underwater Video  
4.4.1 Video Log Template  
4.4.2 Video Track Template  
4.5 Measured Sketches  
4.6 Site Plan Tape Survey  
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